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Adriel Genet is a Franco-American singer, performer, and composer. His repertoire of original songs is inspired by revival folk, retro, rock, and classical music with a streak of contemporary pop. He is regularly featured on global radio and television, including several MTV programs. Adriel has played shows and festivals across the world, from Paris to New York, Tokyo to Vladivostok, both solo and with rock band Burn The Ballroom. He also can be heard performing with actor Patrick Warburton in their rock side project, War Song. Adriel has lived around the globe, picking up his musical influences along the way - particularly from his hometown of Paris, France.

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The Orpheus Index

by Adriel Genet
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Live Shows

feb 2: adriel at creeks edge : 3-7pm

feb 9: adriel at cave ridge : 2-5pm

feb 14: front royal brewing : 7-10pm

feb 16: fox meadow : 2-5pm

feb 17: greenhill : 1-4pm

feb 24: adriel at cave ridge : 2-5pm

March 9: 50 west winery: 1:30-4:30pm

March 10: cave ridge: 2-5pm

March 16: adriel at ducard: 2-5pm

March 22: olney winery: 7-10pm

March 23: fox meadow: 2-5pm

March 30: cave ridge: 7-9pm

March 31: vanish Brewing: 1-4pm

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